Study Jazz in Groningen AND New York

Todd Coolman

Joris Teepe



A unique Jazz Program: New York comes to Groningen
In the authentic city of Groningen, the
Prince Claus Conservatoire offers a unique approach to Jazz Education:

Chairman of the Jazz Department: Joris Teepe. Faculty: Don Braden, JD Walter , David Berkman, Michael Mossman, Paul Bollenback, Todd Coolman, Jonathan Kreisberg, Deborah Brown, Spike Wilner, Joe Locke, Adam Nussbaum, Matt Wilson, Mark Gross and Conrad Herwig.

These 15 New York based teachers each stay for one week in Groningen according to a rotation schedule. This way one of them is always there and they all keep coming back. So every Monday one of them is arriving from New York, taking over the rotation and leaving again on Friday. Each instructor, in his weekly residency, shares his professional experiences directly with the students, in theory class, history, ear training ensembles, workshops and masterclasses. Therefore each student (regardless of what instrument he or she plays) receives training from each teacher!

These 15 musicians are working together with the regular teaching staff. Students receive some courses from the regular teachers, other courses from the New Yorkers and some classes from both. Teacher training is also an important element of the program, since most professional musicians have a teaching practice in addition to their activities as performing musicians.

Finally, business aspects of the professional practice are also included in the Jazz Program. All these different aspects combine the Jazz Program into an excellent preparation for life as a jazz musician.

Music styles
The Prince Claus Conservatoire chose to use the term 'jazz', but naturally other contemporary music styles are also taught in the jazz department, such as fusion, soul, avant-garde and latin. We also use the expertise of the classical department.

Strong focus on playing
The performance experience that Joris Teepe and his colleagues have gained working as professional jazz musicians, has directly influenced their way of teaching, which is more practical and performance oriented than in any other conservatory. This means that students and teachers are continuously working with their instrument; students perform daily, they need their instruments in theory classes, they are recording in the studio and are learning to compose and arrange for their own groups.

Auditions for the undergraduate program are held both in New York and in Groningen.

Our government sponsored yearly tuition fee to this 4 year undergraduate degree program is only about 1900 Euro's.

JD Walter

Don Braden

Paul Bollenback

Mark Gross

Michael Mossman


Adam Nussbaum

Spike Wilner


David Berkman

Matt Wilson

Conrad Herwig

Joe Locke

Deborah Brown

Jonathan Kreisberg

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